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Defensive Handgun - Weekly Session

  • 1 h 30 min

Service Description

Defensive Handgun is a weekly class that runs for 1.5hours and focuses on defensive concepts. Moving onto the range, unbagging firearms and bagging firearms are included in the 1.5 hours (consuming 15-20mins). Curriculum includes drawing from the holster, moving and shooting and defensive mentality. Each week a new skill is focused on and builds on the prior week. Classes are held throughout the week and on Saturdays. Students pay $100 for four class sessions. The classes attended are selected by the student for scheduling flexibility. For example, a student could come every Saturday at noon for four sessions or they could mix and match the class sessions and come to a Tuesday, two Thursdays and a Saturday. The $100 auto-withdraws and can be canceled at anytime. The four class sessions are available from payment date to payment date (not based on the calendar month). For example, if a student registers on the 5th of June they would have four class sessions available from June 5th until July 4th. The payment would auto withdraw on July 5th and they would receive 4 more class sessions. Defensive Rifle is similar to Defensive Handgun. It utilizes a slung rifle, as well as a holstered handgun. The weekly classes focus on defensive mentality. They are currently offered Thursday at noon and Saturday at 3pm. Payment for the DR classes operate the same as DH. The monthly cost is $125. Typically students use around 50 rounds of ammo per session. If ammo consumption is ever a concern, students can let the instructor know and we will focus more on dry fire. Much of the beginning and intermediate curriculum is based on muscle memory so dry fire is extremely effective.

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To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance. Thank you!

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